The Commissioner of Collegiate Education (CCE)

  Commissioner of Collegiate Education (CCE) is the Chief Controlling Authority and Head of the Department of Collegiate Education, Government of Telangana who







Sri. Navin Mittal, I.A.S., Commissioner of Collegiate Education

Joint Director (01) in the Head office:

Assists the Commissioner of Collegiate Education and supervises the work of personnel and functionaries under his/her control along with conducting enquiries and inspections.

Attends the work assigned by the CCE. One of the Senior Joint Directors in the Head Office is nominated as Ex-officio RJD for City Cadre. (i.e. twin cities of Hyderabad, Secunderabad and R.R.Dist.)

Joint Director-Vacant


Regional Joint Director (01): Head of the Regional Office

Inspects Degree Colleges in the region, conducts enquiries, competent authority under A.P. Education Act for Private Aided Colleges in the region and appointing authority to the posts of Senior Assistants and other categories below the cadre of Senior Assistants in Govt. Degree Colleges and to deal with the matters delegated by the Commissionerate of Collegiate Education.

Dr. B. Darjan, RJDCE Warangal, Mobile No. 9948121726

Deputy Director (01):

Assists the Commissioner in all administrative matters of the Department such as appointments, transfers, disciplinary cases, court cases etc.

Sri. B. Swamy, Deputy Director, Mobile No.9848784975

In-charge Academic Cell

Sri B. Kanaka Chary, I/C AGO, Mobile No.7660020711

Assists the Commissioner in all Academic matters of the Department such as introduction of Restructured Courses, Assessment of workload in the colleges, Analysis of the Results, Monitoring of Academic Affairs of the colleges and computerization of data of the department. He is assisted by Lecturers in discharging his duty.

There is no AGO (Academic Guidance Officer) post allotted in Bifurcation process to this Office.



Members of the Academic Cell (07) :   

AC No.

Name & Designation

Duty Chart

Mobile Number


Sri B.Kanaka Chary,

Lecturer in Chemistry

Value Education,

State Teacher Awards,

Over all Coordination



Dr. M. Nancy Serena,

Lecturer in English



Preparing monthly reports of Departmental activities, Health & Nutrition activities,

Minutes of Meetings.




Lecturer in Telugu

Telangana Skills and Knowledge Centers (TSKC),

Internal Complaints Committee



Sri Gajendra Babu P.G.K.,

Lecturer in Commerce

IT monitoring activities,

Website maintenance,

Cadre Strength,

Work Load,

Results Analysis



Dr.T.Annie Sheron,

Lecturer in Botany



Academic Audit,




Dr. V. Sreedevi,

Lecturer in Zoology

Telangana Ku Haritha Haaram,

Training Programmes (RC/OC)

Extra Curricular & Extension Activities



Sri S.Rajendra Prasad,

Lecturer in Civil Engineering

Working on need basis to assist all civil works.



Chief Accounts Officer (CAO):

Assists the Commissioner in financial matters such as preparation and control of budget, preparation of office records to A.G's audit and look after financial matters in the inspection of Colleges and RJDCE's offices and expeditious disposal of pension files. He is also head of Accounts branch in the Commissionerate.

There is no CAO post allotted in Bifurcation process to this Office.

Accounts Officer (AO):

Drawing and disbursing Officer of the Commissionerate. Maintains the CashBook and Ledgers. Assists the Chief Accounts Officer in the matter of preparation of Budget, Reconciliation of receipts and expenditure.As there is no CAO post allotted in Bifurcation process to this Office, the CAO powers are delegated to Smt.B.Suguna, A.O of this Office for smooth functioning of the Office.

Smt.B.Suguna- Accounts Officer (AO), Mobile No.9848784981

Assistant Directors (ADs) (03):First level Gazetted Officers

Assists the Deputy Directors, Joint Directors and the Commissioner. Supervise the sections under their control. They deal with the Service and other matters allotted to them.

1.                        Sri.V. Y. Chakravarthy - AD, Mobile No. 9848553617

2.                        Smt. P. Padmalatha- AD,Mobile No.9848784976

3.                        Vacant - AD

Chief Auditor Gazetted:

Scrutinizes audit reports of all Private Aided Colleges. Assists the Commissioner in matter of grant-in-aid proposals.

There is no Chief Auditor (Gazette) post allotted in Bifurcation process to this Office.