Objectives and Functions :

Objectives :

  • Development of Undergraduate and Post Graduate Education.
  • Increasing Access to Higher Education.
  • PromoObjectivesting Higher Education in the under privileged sections of the society and women, particularly in rural areas.
  • Encouraging private participation in the expansion of Collegiate Education
  • Development of infrastructure in Government Colleges.
  • Ensuring maintenance of high standards of education in colleges.
  • Restructuring Vocationalisation of courses in Collegiate Education for increasing employment potential.
  • Establishing linkages with industries and market
  • Use of IT and modern technology for improvement of quality in academics and administration.
  • Promoting Academic autonomy, innovation and change.


  • Imparting higher education through Degree and PG colleges in the State.
  • Administrative control of all Government Degree Colleges in the State.
  • Inspecting the Regional , Offices and Degree Colleges in the State.
  • Release of grants (grant-in-aid) to Private Aided Colleges in the State.
  • Auditing the financial functioning of colleges.
  • Assessing the developmental requirements of Government Colleges and releasing grants.
  • Regulation and sanction of various types of scholarships.
  • Restructuring of courses by introducing need based and market oriented courses.
  • Encouraging colleges to opt for Autonomous status.
  • Preparation of Government colleges for assessment and accreditation by standard agencies like NAAC.
  • Production and Telecast of quality lessons through MANA TV Channels of Government of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Encouraging Automation of College office functioning.
  • Conducting Training Programmes to Lecturers and Principals for improving their knowledge and skills.
  • Formulation of schemes for the overall development of the department academically and administratively.
  • Coordination with Universities and other Institutions concerned.
  • Establishing & Monitoring the training activities at Knowledge Centers of Degree colleges in the state.