Future Prospective :


Restructuring of courses was done in Government Colleges in the State by introducing Market oriented Vocational Courses to meet the social and global needs. Vocationalisation will be expanded to more colleges covering rural areas.

Introduction of specialized courses:
Specialized courses like IT and Biotechnology were introduced in Government Colleges. More such courses will be introduced in future.

Centers of excellence:
Biotechnology Resource Center was established in Government City College , Hyderabad to meet the supporting needs of the subject. Similar centers of excellence will be developed for specified courses.

Increased Access to Collegiate Education:
Access to Collegiate Education will be further increased by encouraging private participation.

Infrastructure in Government Colleges:
The infrastructure in Government Colleges, like laboratory equipment, library, computers, sports and games material was vastly developed in the last three years. It will be further developed in accordance with the latest requirements. Accommodation will also be increased to meet the needs arose due to starting of new courses.

Linkages with Industries:
Colleges are encouraged to establish linkages with industries, institutions and market agencies for providing expert guidance and hands-on experience to the students. More colleges will be brought into this fold.

Ensuring Quality:
Emphasis has been laid on the maintenance of high quality in the academic functioning of colleges. As a measure of ensuring quality the Government and Aided Colleges are encouraged to go for assessment and accreditation like NAAC.

Use of Modern Technology:
Live Lectures and Video lessons are being telecast through MANATV to provide quality education to all students in the State. The scheme will continue.

Training Programmes:
Training programmes were conducted for Lecturers and Principals for improving their knowledge and skills. These programmes will be held regularly and periodically.

Participation of Community:
Community in general and parents in particular are being motivated to participate in college developmental activities. CPDCs (College Planning and Developmental Councils) were established for every Government College in the State for encouraging Community participation in the college development. They will be further strengthened. Parent Teacher Associations will also be encouraged to rope in community support to the colleges.

Updating of curriculum:
The respective affiliated Universities constantly update the curriculum to suit the change in needs of the society, particularly in the context of globalization.

The enrolment in colleges will be improved to match with the number of students coming out of +2 stage.

Women’s education:
The respective affiliated Universities constantly update the curriculum to suit the change in needs of the society, particularly in the context of globalization.

Improvement of education of under-privileged section:
The under-privileged sections are taken care by giving concession in tuition fee, reservation of seats to SC/ST/BC. Degree Colleges are being opened in rural areas to cater to the needs of under-privileged sections.

Automation and Networking of Libraries:
Keeping in pace with the advent of Technology, the Govt. and Aided Colleges in the State are encouraged to automate the Libraries and to make them student friendly. In this direction, the Librarians of Colleges will be trained in Installation & the usage of SOUL software package developed by the INFLIBNET Centre, Ahmedabad. The INFLIBNET Facility will be extended to all College Libraries in the state and the e-Journal access will be given to all the Colleges. With this, it is proposed to bring all the Colleges in the state under the network with Head office.

Computerization of Collegiate Education:
The Department of Collegiate Education has proposed to take up the ambitious programme of automation of the Department including the Head Office at Hyderabad , regional, Offices & the Colleges in AP state in a Phased manner. Currently the automation of Head Office is being taken up