Assessment and Accreditation of institutions of higher education has recognized as the quality ensuring mechanism all over the world. It has become necessary and relevant to our country as we have developed the world’s second largest system of higher education rather rapidly during the last 50 years. On the recommendations of the Programme of Action on the National Policy on Education (1986) the UGC has established the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) in 1994 with its head quarters at NAAC’s process of assessment and accreditation is neither an inspection to ensure minimum standards nor an exercise of faultfinding. In the value judgement continuum the process of assessment is towards the holistic, objective, systematic, data-based, transparent and shared experience for institutional improvement. It’s an exercise based on mutual trust. NAAC has formulated a three-step process for assessment and accreditation.

  • Preparation of the self-study report by the institution, to be submitted to NAAC.
  • Validation of the self-study report by the assessors through on site visit and
  • The final decision of the NAC based on the self-study report and the recommendations of the teams of assessors.

    Criteria for Assessment:
    The following seven criteria were identified to serve as the basis of its assessment procedures.
  • Curricular aspects,
  • Teaching-learning evaluation,
  • Research, consultancy and extension,
  • Infrastructure and learning resources,
  • Student support and progression,
  • Organization and Management and
  • Healthy practices.

            After the institution submits its self-study report the NAAC will validate it. A peer team will make an onsite visit and assess the institution based on the self study report.
    The Procedure has the following steps

  • Submission of letter of intent to NAAC on line
  • Submission of IEQA application ( institutional Eligibility for Quality Assessment)
  • Submission of Self Study Report (SSR)
  • Peer Team Visit
  • Announcement of Grade (A, B or C)

            The Government of Andhra Pradesh is keen on ensuring quality of education in all the educational institutions in the state. It has been decided to support the assessment and accreditation made by NAAC as a measure of quality assurance in respect of institutions of higher Education in the state. Colleges are being encouraged to go for NAAC assessment. So far 130 Govt. Colleges and 92 Aided Colleges were accerited by NAAC in A.P For list of NAAC Accredited colleges in Telangana click here

    For more details and communication with NAAC
    Contact Address:
    P.O.Box. No.1075, Nagarabhavi
    Bangalore – 560072
    Karnataka - India